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project “ΕΝστίζω α√α laboratory art therapy “ | “Dis-connection | conversion Oral”  | Elena Tonikidi and Stella Kolyvopoulou | 
15.11.19_ ps[υ]art therapy gallery | The project is run under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture and Sports

Dis-connection and Re-connection stare at us deep in the eyes, looking for all the changes we will dare and once we dared, how we will accept them, in movement and struggle with ourselves.

Conversion oral  borrows its name from the psychoanalytic terminology. It invites us into an installation room/sheet to express loud that voice–cry of conversion and then leave a stain of paint on the walls of the sheet, converting - denaturing the old and welcoming the new.

Kindly note that following the screening of the performance / video art and using the onsite installation, the audience will create the performance.

The artists and project contributors will not be present at the space. The public will be able to express themselves if they wish to without any instructions 


Elena Tonikidi and Stella Kolyvopoulou following the projects “soMA”, “to sunrise / plastic paradise”, “Soma and voices” and their many years of collaboration, this time the two artists are inspired by Sadahzinia's lyrics and interpretation of the song “The Voice” (outro/Maya Cut). In conversation with their personal inner healer,

they examine the search for the original trace of the psyche that belongs to the inner artist. They nurture themselves from it and challenge you to experiment it through this dialogue.

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