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creativity through art is a powerful component of an effort of self-care ... that is exactly what I do. I paint, I move, I transform.


_blame the cats for the nights of disobedience, seek incarnations on their day. the records of our existence travel lovingly in joy.

the affective territory of tenderness comes in caresses, incessant and uncountable.

over and over and again and calmly the daily practices of our hearing into their walk, just so ... from the deepest part of our soul, our heart, so much like spindles that they become the veins of the sky, colourful ...

elena tonikidi

visual artist / art therapist


    Abyss & Art ____________

In exalting the artistic language what should we want, if not the riddle ? These days are asking for amulets, the highest origin of our symbols. 

Abyss & Art workshop is the creator of a philosophical vision about the uniqueness of the Human being as Existence. The covid 19 crisis brought us face to face with an existential impasse and the search for the meaning of life.​

We realized that we had lost our uniqueness to the rhythm of an incredible consumerism. Let's remember that we can become master builders, let's try to leave the so-called civilized mass consumerism, the repetitive consumption of the same. Since prehistoric times, humans have collected materials in nature and created jewellery and ornaments from them even before they cultivated the land or built their homes. Somehow through jewellery man showed his difference from other beings, he was aware of his existence. A piece of jewellery was his amulet, often his mark of distinction but also a symbol of prestige and power.

The ancient Greeks, simple yet majestic gave special importance to the ornaments, their use being purely semantic. In modern times, however, the mass production of jewellery reduces uniqueness and statement which are the identity of each individual. In creating small collections of jewellery pieces, Abyss & Art workshop focuses on uniqueness. Each selected series has its own name but also each piece is unique and at the same time special for its future owner as it will not be reproduced again.

The symbolism of the jewellery meets the uniqueness of man with materials that withstand the passing of time. Each selected piece of jewellery bears a signature, a series number and a manufacturing date. The piece is presented in a hand painted case and comes with a description of its materials and its semiology. If you wish to own a piece of jewellery from the selected series that has already found its unique owner, you can indicate give us two to three keywords that describe your personality.

Here in our workshop, we will create a new piece of jewellery that vividly captures your uniqueness. Jewellery is a human creation that expresses eloquently the feeling of continuity.

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_Follow your dream drawings... Create with us your own unique collectible_Distinguish yourself from the uniformity...                 

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