If you  suspect or have indications that you                                                   are  superstitious?

Are you a guet or a host in this word 

                                             forgiveness                            deify                                    madness                              freedom                                pain                                    bliss                                     strong                                      will                                        identification                        humor                                  lust                                     regret                                responsibility        


Truth or  fascination?

Freedom or submissiveness  of wanting?

               Suffering from the paranoiac idealistic                                                       thought of love?

Fantasizing of excessive happiness ?

Falling often into   the trap of an unusual interpretation?

BINARY ART GROUP Platforms Project 2017_ independent Art Fair of Athens ___ Life is inhabited. The skin/textile way of existence_the ‘outside’ and the ‘inside’_ we are a true work of art. “Ego”= an empty word without me_you. A larva_a snake_ do you usually lick the wounds when they fester? ‘Baths in colored water for hysteria’ the old psychiatrists were suggesting. Personality Disorder Characteristics and other cell records…

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