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My Story


Born in 1967 in Athens. Began her studies in 1986–1989 on Social Work in the meantime, she studied at Patra's Conservatory, specializing in Monody (classical studies,1985).She admits to in 1994 and 2013 research facility program  Arts and Health an Interdisciplinary and Expressive Therapy Programs GSASS Arts and Healing, spoken colors, painted sounds,where she segues into Fine Arts and Psychology. 

She has been published in academic journals and has participated in numerous Psychiatric Conventions.

She served as a contractor for the Psychiatric Care Unit in Asklipieio General Hospital of Thessaloniki. 

Since 2015 she has been collaborating with the A' University Psychiatric Clinic in General  Hospital Papageorgiou in Thessaloniki. She is the leader of the educational program ῾  "Psychopathology of Speech".

Since October 2018, she has been coordinating and managing the art therapy educational program "When the ego meets the we" under the approval of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religions and is part of the curriculum of every school in Greece.

Since June 2019, she has been an external collaborator with the educational programs of the University of the Aegean.

She is actively engaged in educational activities concerning the meeting of Psychology and Art (Art-Therapy) and the promotion of artistic creativity in persons suffering from mental illness. Her professional activity is inextricably linked to her leading role in the scientific school/institute Psychology-Art. 

She also is an International Member of the American Art Therapy Association.


art work 

curatorial art /artwork

_1st International Symposium of Art Therapies “Life and Art as one” -5th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, 2015.

_“art. psycho_Architecture”, Labattoir, Municipality of Thessaloniki, 2016.

_“I [ego] am the limit”, Cyclades Art Gallery, Municipality of Hermoupolis, Syros, 2019 

_ps[υ]art therapy gallery, project. program, 2018,2019,2020


Project supervision_planning


_"Remaster your shirt_scan your Ego",Art walk, 50th Dimitria, Municipal Art Gallery,Thessaloniki,2015


art exhibitions/works

 installations/performances on "Art and Art Therapy":

_“5”, Thessaloniki Art Biennale 5 , State Museum of Contemporary Art,parallel program, 2016. 

_"Fena". Illysia, 2014.

_“self-portarait”-artwork- Action FieldKodra10 - 10th Fine Arts Festival, 2010.

_“The runner”. 4th International Encounter for ArtsTherapies, Athens, 2009 & Istabul, 2010.

_“The snake”. Thessaloniki Art Biennale 1, State Museum of Contemporary Art, “Heterotopias” conference, September 2007.


_"Y v______v",  2nd Festival Psychotherapist, Artist and Spectator 

Bensousan Han, Thessaloniki, 7.5.2022

_“Dis-connection | conversion Oral”, ps[υ]art therapy gallery, Athens, 2019. The project is run under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture and Sports

_"Apo-syndesis",Municipal Art Gallery,Thessaloniki,2015

_"sunrise/plastic paradise",Gaia Live, Thessaloniki,2013

_“hysTe(r)Ra”,Myrό GalleryThessaloniki, 2012

_“SoMA”,Myrό Gallery. Thessaloniki, 2011


 personal exhibitions:

_"De-meter_concerning her..", Fleming, 2008

_"The [Un] sayable", Utopia, 2005

_"Seas-forms", Municipality of Thessaloniki, 2004

_“Körper_Baum”, loggo. Stuttgart Korvestheim,1999


and 11 participations in collective exhibitions 


Original art of hers can be found in Korvestheim's City Hall and in private collections.


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+30 22810 82250

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